Your constitutional right to safety and security is best guaranteed by being lawfully armed and competent.

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Safe Citizen Ends Government MOU

on 11 October 2022by Safe Citizen
Despite our consistent efforts to be committed and involved with the objectives of the MOU, we find that nothing of material value has been accomplished.
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 … no one should have to live in fear 

We aim to unite people behind the concept of community safety. And it’s not all about owning a firearm. No one should have to live in fear of criminals, and your family  has the right to feel safe where they live, work and play.

 … criminals prefer unarmed victims 

Criminals prefer unarmed victims – and that’s a fact. Let’s face it, South Africans experience brutal attacks every day. You and your family may be one of the lucky few who could go through life without being caught up in a violent confrontation. On the other hand, you may be faced with evil when you least expect it. We are convinced that in the instant of a violent attack, when neither the police nor your armed response can reach you in time, the most effective way to defend yourself and your loved ones is by being trained to lawfully use a firearm for self-defence.

 … every lawful firearm owner in your community makes you safer 

So even if you don’t choose to own a firearm, it’s really smart to accept that every lawful firearm owner in your community makes you safer. Wouldn’t you feel a little bit safer if you knew your neighbour was lawfully armed and ready to help you?

A lawfully armed citizen makes your community safe. Join us today and stand up for your right to be free of violence.  Be a #SafeCitizen.

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Free State farmer shoots dead two farm attackers - saves his family

A Ladybrand farmer has shot dead two suspected farm attackers. The attack took place as a visitor was leaving, at which point two children and their grandmother were held at knife point and made to lie on the floor. A shootout ensued between the homeowner and the three suspects. The homeowner is estimated to be in his 70s, and shot dead two of the suspects and wounded the third, who was later apprehended by other local farmers in the vicinity.

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Farm attacker attempts to kill witness - is killed himself

An Oudedorp farmer who was witness to a previous farm attack was ambushed by the suspect implicated in the prior farm attack. The suspect allegedly robbed a police officer of his firearm earlier before travelling to the farm where he threatened farm workers to lure the farmer out to a water tank. The farmer was shot once in the chest, before returning fire and killing the suspect. Police believe the suspect intended to murder the farmer because of his status as a witness against him.

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Westville Durban home owner shoots dead two home robbers and wounds a third

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Brandishing firearm leads to non-violent resolution of attack

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Delft man accosted by armed robbers, survives brief shootout

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