From The Public:Comments on the Firearm
Control Act Amendment Bill

on 03 June 2021
by Jasper Theron

To whom it may concern

I am a law abiding and tax paying citizen of the Republic of South Africa, who is against any further restrictions on private gun ownership in South Africa.

Time and money should rather be spent on improving the capabilities of CFR to ensure there is a proper record of licenced firearms and to help the police to process applications easier and with more integrity.

The hunting and shooting industry is contributing billions of Rand to our country's economy every year and in times of hardship as we face now under a Covid and crime pandemic you do not slaughter a goose that lays golden eggs.

We law abiding and legally armed citizens are not your enemy, we are the bricks in the wall that shield you from total anarchy.

I am a dedicated sport shooter and shooting enthusiast and have invested heavily in equipment and safe keeping, so why would I commit gun violence and risk losing it all? (I even pay my e-Toll dear Minister)

Our Minister of Police is misguided by Gun Free SA and his own "team" admitted they cannot fulfil their mandate under continuous budget cuts.

If gun violence is conducted by legally armed citizens then the Minister of Police should be rapped on the knuckles for not bringing the perpetrators to book, as all their details are with CFR, correct?

Gun violence in South Africa is en masse conducted by criminals, who obtain their weapons illegally.

The suppliers of such illegal firearms are sadly often our own police or armed forces or organised crime syndicates that smuggle in arms into the country.

I am not your enemy, you admitted you cannot protect me so why do you want me dead by disarming me?

Yours truly.
Jasper Theron

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