From The Public:Comments on the Firearm
Control Act Amendment Bill

on 28 May 2021
by Travis Deal

Good day.

Today I write to you about the proposed amendment of the Firearms Control Act.


  • I am 31 years of age
  • I was born in South Africa,
  • I contribute to the Economy
  • Also a business Owner
  • As well as an Employer
  • Have never been convicted of a crime
  • Also I holder of both section 13 and 16 firearm licenses
  • Also a Firearms Instructor
  • As well as a law abiding citizen

Now the proposed amendments to the Bill, are at least non-sensical, ill thought of and will cause more damage to the general economy, security and socio-economic sectors, let a lone the business and tourism as well

Since the Bill was made public, we have lost all interest in Firearm Training and Licensing, you may think this is good, but it is a massive income stream for the Country, We will have to lay staff off as there will no longer be a need for them, so think of the knock on affects, how many families will this Bill actually affect in the long run.

Then the impact on Tourism, I am also on the board for Tourism in the Boland, there are a number of outdoor destinations that provide a "shooting experience" to their guests, this is also an attraction to overseas cliental that do not have the same privileges as we have and come here specifically to experience shooting in a safe and controlled manner. Another sector that will be closing, once again think of all the revenue loss on tax.

So lets discuss the domestic violence that you say will better once legally owned firearms are removed for use of SELF-DEFENCE. I know of single moms at home with kids to protect, that hold firearm licenses, how do you propose they do this now when their only chance of surviving is taken away? They cannot rely on the police, the police are ill-equipped and badly trained, and do not want to respond to certain situations.

It is also Fact that we have the right to rid ourselves of all harm and keep our environment safe for this generation and more to come. You propose we remove LEGALLY OWNED firearms from the possession of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, contributing to the Economy keeping this country running.

The CRIMINALS are already breaking the LAW, how is this going to lower gun violence, a large percentage if not more of all killings related to firearms are done with Illegally possessed firearms, and not LEGAL ones.

The Criminals will never hand their ILLEGAL FIREARMS IN, cause they're ILLEGAL already, so why would they now obey the law?

Seeing as the country cannot protect its people, it is now UP TO THE PEOPLE TO PROTECT THE COUNTRY…

To sum up…

If this Bill goes ahead…

Job loss will occur, within these sectors.

  • Private
  • Commercial
  • International
  • These ALREADY issues will worsen
  • Domestic Violence
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Robberies
  • Farm attacks
  • Not to mention the loss in TAX revenue for the Country.

I thank you for taking the time to read my mail.

I do hope you and your colleagues make the right decision in rectifying this Draft Amendment Bill.

The country of SA is counting on you to do the right thing.

Kind Regards
Travis Deal

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