Media Statement:Carnage in Durban

on 06 January 2021
by McIntosh Polela

Carnage in Durban Highlights the Need for Lawful Self-Defence.

06 January 2021 – For immediate release

"I still have a question that I raised with police, if this person [Yaganathan Pillay, aka Teddy Mafia] is a known drug dealer and a gangster, why was he still out there?" This was the question asked of senior police officers and repeated to ENCA this week by Minister Bheki Cele1.

Cele went on to tell media that "This is what the community and all of us are calling to say, don’t go after the small fish or the man on the streets, deal with the real guys."

This incident, (the assassination of Yaganathan Pillay, and the beheading of his alleged assassins by the community) illustrates how critical it is for South Africans to be lawfully armed and capable of defending themselves, their families and others from violent criminal attack.

Since 2018 when Minister Cele compared every-day South Africa to a war zone, the situation has worsened, and violent crime is escalating. Meanwhile our Police Force is taking strain in many aspects of operation and is battling to contain serious crime that threatens communities. Most certainly any person who expects the police to be able to protect them from life-threatening criminal attack (except by chance) is out of touch with reality.

The facts in South Africa speak loudly and continuously – a lawfully armed citizen has a better chance of personal and family safety than a person who must face criminals with empty hands. The right to effective self-defence for all citizens (freedom from violence) must be cherished and protected.

McIntosh Polela
National Campaign Leader


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