Media Statement:SafeCitizen Launches

on 29 October 2020
by McIntosh Polela

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McIntosh Polela Launches SafeCitizen, Calls on Community to 'Stand Up'

October 29th, 2020 – For immediate release

"South Africans share a common concern around community safety, and we all feel threatened by increasing violent crime in which we and our loved-ones, neighbours and community are the targeted victims."

"It is time for action and our opportunity to step up and do something more to protect our communities. Today, you can choose to claim your Constitutional right to live in safety, without the threat of criminal violence and harm."

"It is a fact that the police and armed response can’t be expected to save us in the moment of a life-threatening attack. And this means that it is up to us to be our own first responder. Our best option when facing a life-threatening attack is to be trained and prepared to take action as a lawfully armed citizen."

"SafeCitizen belongs to us all and stands for lawful and responsible possession of firearms in our communities. For too long, the anti-gun lobby has spread untruthful data about firearms and law-abiding firearm owners, with little question or challenge. Lawfully armed citizens are responsible persons, and a positive factor in the safety of any community – thus acting as a deterrent to violent crime. Through our concerted campaign, starting today, we will be breaking new ground by moving law abiding citizens closer to government and the police in a strong partnership against criminals."

Polela confirmed that he would be leading a mandated team to pro-actively engage with the authorities at high level around issues of firearm licensing, administration and control. "Even if you have never before thought about owning a firearm, you may well wish to apply at some stage in the future and we all need to work hard to preserve that freedom of choice."

"We believe that the South African Police Services are facing a judicial, administrative and logistical crisis around the re-licensing of hundreds of thousands of firearms with expired licences. SafeCitizen intends to play a crucial role in bringing the authorities together with firearm interest groups and law-abiding citizens to find a feasible, legally-sound and equitable solution to the current state of affairs, in which hundreds of thousands of firearm owners will become criminals when the current amnesty expires in January 2021. Our President has stated on several occasions they are a consultative government – and we want to consult and contribute to finding long lasting and workable solutions for all."

"I encourage everyone to claim the fundamental right to lawfully defend yourself against violent criminals. Get involved. Join SafeCitizen in making your communities a safe place to live."

"A lawfully armed citizen keeps your community safe" – visit


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