Media Statement:Stamp Out Corruption

on 4 November 2020
by SafeCitizen

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Community can help to curb corruption

4 November 2020 – For immediate release

SafeCitizen takes note of media reports about increasing corruption in the South African Police Services. Without in any way condoning this alarming trend, we do want to point out that corruption is an issue that bedevils even the best equipped police force.

"Global research indicates that police corruption can arise from deficiencies in four areas;

  • recruitment, training and promotion;
  • resources such as pay and equipment;
  • systems and accountability within departments, courts and the law; and
  • cultural traditions that inhibit the development and maintenance of professional police standards."

"Within this context it is a fact that a corrupt official cannot operate alone. The willing cooperation of other people is required, and it is clear that some criminal members of the public are complicit in encouraging and rewarding corrupt conduct by officials. Of special concern to SafeCitizen is the fact that a number of the recent high-profile cases of corruption and even assassination, that are being investigated allegedly involve firearms and licensing (under the control of the police) in one way or another."

"Lawfully armed citizens have long contended that ‘official firearms’ and not private guns are the main source of firearms used in criminal acts. Firearm licences issued by corrupt means and methods are, by definition, not legally issued firearms and the lengthy and overly-complicated licensing process around private firearm ownership in South Africa may also fuel the opportunity for corruption."

"Law-abiding firearm owners and all persons who would like to promote a safer community have an opportunity right now to choose to support our police in rooting out corrupt elements and arresting the criminals. SafeCitizen supports a zero tolerance approach towards any criminal behaviour involving a firearm and encourages law-abiding people to use the SAPS corruption hotline 0800 701 701 to anonymously report law-breakers and corrupt officials."


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