Elmo Scheffer

Executive Board Member

Elmo is an Executive Board Member.

Elmo has been involved in the firearms community for over 25 years. He has been involved with and served on various committees of local hunting and sport shooting associations and clubs to promote the legal and responsible use of firearms.

Elmo is also a keen hunter and conservationist and supports sustainable utilisation and the freedom to hunt. He is also a member of the Hunters Forum. Elmo is also an avid sport shooter across various disciplines and actively promotes sport shooting on a recreational and competitive basis. Out of this the concept of Shooting Scheffers were born as encouragement for firearm owners to actively participate in shooting activities. Elmo also encourages junior sports shooting participation and runs training sessions from time to time.

He holds dedicated hunter and sport shooter status with various associations and is also a qualified range officer.

Elmo brought to life NARFO, The National Association for Responsible Firearm Owners, when the saw the need for the general firearm owning community to be involved in organised structures. He currently holds the position of executive chair and responsible person for the association.

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