Survival Stories

Two killed during attempted robbery in parking area of Cape Town clinic

Two alleged robbers were killed in an attack on tarring contractors at Gugulethu Clinic in Cape Town. Police said the two men used guns when attempting to steal the contractors' cellphones and wallets. One of the contractors fired at the robbers with a licensed firearm.

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Westville Durban home owner shoots dead two home robbers and wounds a third

A Westville man was involved in a shootout with four home robbers at about 07:00 on the morning of 12 August 2020. The suspects allegedly entered the home around 06:45 to rob the occupants. The fourth suspect escaped and is believed to be the gunman.The firefight began when the homeowner approached and seemingly confronted the robbers. The home owner was seemingly unwounded in the exchange.

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Farm attacker attempts to kill witness - is killed himself

An Oudedorp farmer who was witness to a previous farm attack was ambushed by the suspect implicated in the prior farm attack. The suspect allegedly robbed a police officer of his firearm earlier before travelling to the farm where he threatened farm workers to lure the farmer out to a water tank. The farmer was shot once in the chest, before returning fire and killing the suspect. Police believe the suspect intended to murder the farmer because of his status as a witness against him.

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Free State farmer shoots dead two farm attackers - saves his family

A Ladybrand farmer has shot dead two suspected farm attackers. The attack took place as a visitor was leaving, at which point two children and their grandmother were held at knife point and made to lie on the floor. A shootout ensued between the homeowner and the three suspects. The homeowner is estimated to be in his 70s, and shot dead two of the suspects and wounded the third, who was later apprehended by other local farmers in the vicinity.

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Malelane and Nelspruit homeowners wound and kill attackers

A Malelane man and his family were attacked late one evening on a farm in 2008 when four armed robbers approached the house and started firing without warning. The man ordered his family inside while he returned fire, wounding two suspects and prompting them to flee, but was wounded after being shot in the stomach. He was taken to and placed in the Nelspruit Medi-Clinic intensive care unit. Another guest was shot in the harm. In an unrelated incident outside Nelspruit, a robber was shot nine times after attacking a home.

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Durban man survives hijacking attempt, kills one suspect

A Durban man survived an attempted hijacking despite being nearly run off the road. The hijackers allegedly cut him off and exited their vehicle before opening fire. At first the victim attempted to reverse away, but after being shot at, he returned fire and killed one suspect and wounded a second. At this point the wounded suspect fled the scene in his vehicle.

An anonymous man retells his brush with death in a violent home invasion

"Four men came to the back of our house while another four men stayed out front watching. The four grabbed my mother shot her in the back, while the the others fired shots into the house shooting my father through the hand. He then drew his firearm and stormed outside fearful about my mother who was alone outside. If it wasn't for his firearm, all five members of my family (father, mother, brother, sister, and myself) wouldn't be here today."

Emgwenya man retrieves hidden firearm and fights off invaders

"At 01:00 in the morning, five robbers armed with guns entered our chalet after getting access by breaking into the office and obtaining spare keys to our door. My two kids, ages 10 and 12, my wife and myself were cable tied, at which point they left us, with one robber guarding us, to go and attack our friends in a neighboring chalet. I managed to break the cable tie and reach my handgun which was hidden in the closet when the robber wasn’t paying attention to us."

"A gun battle ensued, in which I managed to chase them off with none of us (two couples and five children) getting injured. I assisted the police to track the robbers, and two were arrested later that day due to us capturing their getaway car in which we found the ID of the gang leader and some of our possessions. The police captain told me that if we had not chased them off we would have been at their mercy for 6-8 hours due our isolation, with no staff present and no cell coverage."

Durban man walks in on business robbery, is pursued by robbers, and fights back

A Durban man inadvertently walked in on an armed business robbery in his neighbourhood, at which point multiple armed criminals started firing at him at point blank range due to his position in the doorway. After pulling his firearm and returning fire, his weapon jammed and he beat a hasty retreated with assailants in pursuit. He was eventually cornered on his property and took cover, changed his magazine, and returned fire once more. His father came to his aid shortly thereafter and miraculously, neither he nor his father were injured. One assailant was killed and two neighbours injured in the shootout.

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Delft man accosted by armed robbers, survives brief shootout

Walking home one night through Delft, a man noticed two suspicious men approaching him. After crossing the road to the opposite pavement, the suspicious men did so as well. At this point the man steeled himself for what he expected to happen. At a distance of about three metres, one of the suspects started to draw a firearm at which point the man in question drew his own. Several shots were quickly exchanged by both side with the man in question receiving a wound to his left hand and chest, collapsing a lung, while the suspects immediately fled. It is unclear if they were wounded. He had been carrying his firearm for the first time (a CZ P-07) for barely seven months, and credits the Gunsite South Africa Facebook community for his survival, stating that had it not been for them he may not have been carrying ‘one up’ (a chambered round) at the time.

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Couple in movie-like shootout at home

"My wife and I were subject to an armed robbery at our house on the Sunday night of 17/12/2017. I shot at the attackers with my .45 ACP pistol and took two weapons from them (my wife taking one), and continued to defend ourselves. Shot two suspects. I received one bullet wound to my upper leg, but lucky to be alive!"

Brandishing firearm leads to non-violent resolution of attack

"I was walking home around 02:00 in the morning when multiple assailants attempted to surround me. One had knife in their hand. I drew my firearm at which point they dispersed. No shots fired."

Rabid dog attack defeated by firearm owner

"My neighbours wife was attacked by two rabid dogs and I called for help. The dogs then turned to attack me and I shot them. The woman that was bitten needed medical treatment and a state vet confirmed a rabies infection."

Father and son jumped in garage by armed assailants

"We made the mistake of washing the car at night while the garage door was open, and two guys walked up to my father and produced a firearm. They then proceeded to rack the slide, and my father realised their firearm was empty chamber. He then grabbed his own firearm (a .380 Makarov with 14 rounds) from the front seat. The suspect with the gun fired and his bullet struck the frame of the window that my father was hiding behind, ricocheted, was later found embedded in the garage door. My father fired seven times through the window and the suspects fled. Police came within 3 minutes (they were in the area looking for a stolen car), asked a few questions, took a statement, and left. While the incident happened in 2011, we never heard back from the police regarding the incident."

Bystander breaks up fight and becomes victim himself, ends confrontation with no fatalities

"I was walking from the local supermarket around midday and noticed three guys wrestling another on the ground. People were running away from whatever was going on, and as I got nearer I was told it was a mugging. The victim turned out to be my new neighbor. When I commanded them to stop, they came at me instead and all three were armed with knives. When I tried to reach for my blade it slipped and fell to the ground. I then pulled out my pistol, but because of the other onlookers I was reluctant to shoot the suspects. I instead aimed at a heap of building sand next to the road and as soon as they head the bang, they ran away. One even dropped his knife and phone as he ran. I had saved my neighbour’s life."

Two attempted muggings prevented in one week with no shots fired

"Suspects attempted to mug me in my vehicle as I drove home from work. I drew my firearm as I saw them coming, and they ran away. No shots were fired. This exact thing happened twice in one week, at the same spot. My self-defense firearm probably saved my life twice in one week."

Quick witted response saves man from being victim of crime

"At 11:45 while sitting in the car somewhere in Welkom, some guy approached me and leaned against my car door speaking Zulu, asking for help. His friend just across the street shouted to him "ho yena", which loosely means "take action". Before he could go any further, I produced my trusted CZ. The guy ran for his dear life."

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